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ProBrine 15L Jerry Can


Product Information

Probrine is a 20% solution liquid de-icing brine which blend white marine salt with a corrosion inhibitor to reduce impact on any metal by over 80%. Liquid de-iciers are commonly used throughout Central Europe and North America as an alternative to granular, rock salt treatments and are proven to be equally as effective whilst offering significant cost savings and even greater environmental benefits. Liquids are easier to store and handle than granular materials, requiring tanks and pumps as opposed to covered storage and palletised materials. They appeal to a wide range of customers who are keen to reduce their reliance on manual handling. Liquids are sprayed rather than spread, which ensures a lot more control can be applied to make sure that the application is targeted exactly where you want it, and cuts waste down to a minimum. Suitable for application using backpack or hand-push sprayers.


Pallet size: 48 per pallet.

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