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About Us

Peacock Salt are the largest distributor of salt products in the UK.

With over 14,000 uses, salt is one of, if not the most diverse mineral on the planet and naturally as a large scale salt supplier we are both knowledgeable and nimble enough to source products which cover most of these uses.

  • As a key supplier of de-icing salt and winter equipment to local authorities, businesses and private individuals, we keep you on the roads in winter.
  • As a supplier of granular and tablet water softeners our salt is used in areas of hard water to keep water drinkable and your washing machine in good order.
  • Our range of industrial salts can be found anywhere from animal feed providing vital minerals and nutrition, to aquaculture and keeping fish healthy, to industrial weed killers, cleaning products, tanning leather and dying fabrics.
  • Our food salt range is extensive ranging from rock salts and sea salts to PDV for everything from cooking and curing to cheese-making.
  • Our cosmetic salts are used in a wide range of products from mineral-rich salt scrubs and Epsom salts to bath bombs and include salts from the Dead Sea and beyond.

The list is exhaustive and the chances are if you have a requirement, we have the salt. If we don’t, we have the contacts and expertise to source it.

Our Heritage

Peacock Salt celebrated our 140-year anniversary in 2014. This makes us, by far, the oldest salt company in the United Kingdom, and indeed one of the oldest in the world. We have grown from our humble 19th Century beginnings where we shipped coal, wood and salt around Europe, to becoming the largest importer of white marine salt in the United Kingdom, with imports in recent years coming from as far afield as India and Australia.

Throughout this time, we have maintained strong relationships with our customers from private individuals, businesses large and small to Local Authorities and private operators who trust our service and products.


Our customer database indicates that we have delivered to every UK postcode area, from Lands’ End to John O’Groats with everything in between, as well as the Orkney and Shetland Islands. Our delivery expertise ranges from single bags to single destinations to multi-site deliveries of several pallets for councils and commercial operations who require a greater degree of logistical expertise.

Overall, our longevity is testament to our continued strong work ethic, continuous innovation and focus on quality. We now have over 14,000 customers on our database. The fact that the vast majority repeat-purchase every year is a strong sign that our overall offering continues to satisfy the expectations of those who matter most, our customers.

Although we are often praised regarding the quality of our service, we endeavour to put quality at the heart of all we do. We invest in technology to improve the quality of our processing and communications, we invest in training and development to improve the quality of our people, we invest in our workplace surroundings to improve the quality of our work environment, and we invest in equipment and machinery to enable product diversification.