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Liquid de-icers are a proven means to delivering a lower cost winter treatment. Tried and tested in central Europe and the US, the use of liquid de-icers in place of traditional methods can significantly reduce your salt usage, saving money and reducing the environmental impact. Our saturator systems have a proven record of longevity, ensuring that you can maintain your service offering year after year. To ensure performance long-term, we offer an unparalleled aftercare service with a dedicated team to help you get the most out of your salt saturator now and in the years to come. We have developed a range of saturators that will suit any budget or size of operation, and with an industry beating 5-year warranty available, we are confident that your transition to liquid de-icing will be straight-forward and cost-effective.

Delivering a Pre-Wet Winter Service

Peacock Salt are pioneers in Pre-Wet Technologies. We were among the first to introduce liquid-salt (brine) saturators to the UK. Now with over 100 salt saturators installed, we are continuously innovating and improving the range.

From our national footprint, we deliver comprehensive service and maintenance packages and provide expertise to build bespoke solutions to suit each Winter Service depot.

What is Pre-Wet

‘Pre-Wet’ is the process of combining granular and liquid de-icing materials to treat roads and footways. The technique has been used globally since the 1980’s and widely in the UK for over 20 years. Pre-Wet enables Councils, Local Authorities and Highway Operators to realise massive cost savings whilst maintaining a highly resilient response to winter conditions.

What is required?

  • Combi-Spreaders
  • Saturators

Capital investment decisions are crucial to realise the full cost-saving benefits of pre-wet. Low quality equipment can lead to downtime, high maintenance costs and even ineffective de-icers. Peacock Salt offer servicing to ensure equipment goes in to the winter period in excellent condition.

Peacock Salt Saturator