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  1. Himalayan Pink Salt

    Peacock Salt Himalayan Pink Salt

    Himalayan Pink Salt

    Peacock Salt are a leading UK supplier of genuine Himalayan Pink Rock Salt. Sourced direct from Pakistan, we stock Himalayan Salt for various application types.

    Formed naturally underground from ancient evaporated seas, the spectrum of colours found in Himalayan salt is determined by minerals trapped within the salt. Deposits of iron being largely responsible for the pinkish hue. Aside from sodium, Himalayan salt also contains calcium, potassium and 80 other trace elements.

    Gourmet Salt

    Himalayan salt can be used as a gourmet alternative to table salt. Why? It tastes good - with a slightly sweeter afternote than its counterparts. There is minimal processing involved – namely excavation and packing. Lastly, the salt is completely natural -

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  2. Black Friday Deals 2019

    Black Friday 2019

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  3. Peacock Salt Supports Local Running Club

    Peacock Salt Supports Local Running Club

    Peacock Salt are proud to have supported local runners from Ayr Seaforth AC who bravely took on the challenge of running the entire River Ayr Way route. Just over 40 miles continuous running, through muddy bogs on a gusty day, saw some weary, mud-caked bodies do a lap of honour at Dam Park, Ayr.
    Pictured here is overall winner of the race Toni McIntosh who romped home in an incredible 5 hours 7 minutes. Also pictured are fellow clubmates and competitors lining up at the start line and club comedian Ian Young treating his plantar fasciitis with the salts which Peacock Salt gifted to the appreciative weary bodies.
    Previously, some well-deserved bath salts were gifted to a good number of runners participating in various road races throughout the county during the summer season.

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  4. New UK Hilltip Dealerships

    New UK Hilltip Dealerships

    Peacock Salt are proud to partner up with 3 of the biggest names in the UK Groundcare Industry to offer Hilltip products throughout the UK. Winter Service professionals throughout the UK can now get a hold of Hilltip’s full range of Icestriker Salt Spreaders, Snowstriker Snow Ploughs, Spraystriker De-Icing Sprayers, spare parts, servicing and repairs at a convenient, local, friendly and professional facility.

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  5. Peacock Salt Pledges Support for Cancer Charities

    Peacock Salt Pledges Support for Cancer Charities

    Peacock Salt, an Ayrshire family business has pledged to raise at least £10,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support and Whiteleys Retreat in September.

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  6. Flotation, Epsom Salts… What’s it all about?

    Flotation, Epsom Salts… What’s it all about?

    We thought we’d look into everything that is the wonderful Epsom Salts and Flotation for this blog – even to the point of taking the plunge itself!

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  7. CaCl2 : Calcium Chloride

    CaCl2 : Calcium Chloride

    We all know that salt is a great de-icer. In certain circumstances alternatives are required. This Peacock_Salt blog will explore the properties and uses of CALCIUM CHLORIDE or CaCl2, the most widely used non-sodium de-icer.

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  8. De-icing Treatments Best Practice

    De-icing Treatments Best Practice

    Pre-Treatment, Post-Event Treatment, Snow Events, Extremely Low Temperatures

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  9. Liquid De-icers

    Liquid De-icers

    The most economical means of providing brine for spreading is on-site using a brine saturator. Brine can be shipped in tankers and stored in large tanks, but the cost to transport this relatively cheap commodity is prohibitively high.

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  10. Salt for Animal Feed

    Salt for Animal Feed

    Livestock need the correct balance of sodium in their diet to ensure the functioning of the immune system, to spread nutrients across cells and to help buffer acid during ruminal fermentation.

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