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  1. Graduate Job Vacancy - Marketing Coordinator 12 Month FTC - Ayr

    Graduate Job Vacancy - Marketing Coordinator 12 Month FTC - Ayr

    Peacock Salt are looking to recruit a recent graduate Marketing Co-ordinator on a twelve month fixed term contract. Plase note your degree must be in Marketing or Business.

    The role is primarily office based but with the opportunity to work 1-2 days from home after an initial period.

    Peacock Salt are the largest salt distributor in the UK and operate across multiple sectors, including Winter, Food, Water softening, Fish Aqua and many others

    We are looking for an enthusiastic marketing graduate who can bring their understanding of both digital and print marketing as well as social media, PPC and google ads.

    The successful person will also be involved in organising trade shows and events as well as other areas in which their expertise can be useful.

    Peacock are a family run business, where we value our employees and firmly believe that work should be interesting and satisfying as well as challenging.

    If you think this job might be for you,

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  2. Job Vacancy - Mechanical Fitter - Astmoor Depot

    Job Vacancy - Mechanical Fitter - Astmoor Depot

    Mechanical Fitter - Full Time - Immediate Start

    Rate Negotiable D.O.E.

    The Company

    Peacock Salt is a dynamic and vibrant company based on the west coast of Scotland, which specialises in the import and distribution of salt throughout the UK. The core function of this salt is for winter de-icing and Peacock Salt offers a wide range of winter maintenance equipment and services to complement this.

    The Role

    We are looking for a Mechanical Fitter to strengthen our growing technical department, based in our Astmoor office, near Runcorn. This is an exciting opportunity to work across market leading equipment both on site and in our dedicated workshop area. This includes brine saturator plant installation and servicing to salt spreader and snow plough maintenance. The ability to react quickly and travel to resolve customer issues through the UK and Ireland will also be a requirement.

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  3. Christmas 2021

    Christmas 2021

    Dear Customer,


    Christmas & New Year Delivery Schedule


    Peacock Salt will continue to process orders and make the necessary arrangements for delivering orders between the following dates during the festive period.


    We will endeavour, where possible, to make sure all deliveries are made in a timely manner over this period, however this year we have been informed that a sharp increase in demand is expected and this may impact on deliveries before Christmas.


    Order date


    Expected delivery date

    Wednesday 8th December


    Wednesday 22nd December

    Thursday 9th

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  4. Aquaculture Products

    Aquaculture Products

    Aquaculture Products

    Peacock Salt is a key supplier to the UK aquaculture industry, offering a range of products to service and support breeding and reproduction, processing, purification, treatment, preservation and operational requirements of our customers.

    Seamix is our artificial seawater mix produced to DEFRA approved formula and composed of 5 salts in ratios found in British seawater, which when mixed with appropriate levels of tap water produces a clean simulated seawater free from disease and detritus. Seamix has broad appeal but is commonly used in shellfish purification and in private and commercial fish and shellfish tanks and other environments where clean seawater is not readily available. Simply dilute as required.
    Seamix is available in 15kg and 25kg bags.


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  5. Salts for Zoo & Wildlife

    Salts for Zoo & Wildlife

    Peacock Salt are in the unique position to be able to supply products for a range of animal nutrition and care needs. Among our valued customers we count aquaculture, fisheries, sealife, zoos, animal parks, research centres, sanctuaries and more.

    Seamix, Artificial Seawater Mix
    Seamix is a granular product which, when added to tap water, creates artificial seawater. It is based on a tried and tested formula which artificially replicates a marine environment.
    With a rise in water-borne disease paired with natural phenomena such as algal blooms, Seamix also offers peace of mind to producers who simply can’t afford to lose vast quantities of stock. Another benefit of producing your own clean seawater on demand, free from parasites and bacteria.

    Key points to note are –

    • It is popular in lobster and crab holding tanks, oyster production, bi-valve mollusc purification tanks and where natural seawater is in short supply
    • The sea
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  6. Calcium Chloride for Dust Suppression

    Calcium Chloride for Dust Suppression


    Calcium Chloride is classified as a salt. It is non toxic and hygrospcopic, meaning it can absorb moisture from the air or road. It is deliquescent, meaning it can dissolved into the moisture it absorbs forming a clear liquid that does not evaporate easily. It is also exothermic meaning it releases heat as it dissolves which also makes it an excellent de-icer.

    Dust control is an essential part of road maintenance. The presence of dust can indicate a deterioration in the condition of the road surface and once the fine dust is lost the load-bearing aggregate will follow. The loss of fine material and aggregate results in ruts, potholes and washboards requiring frequent and costly repairs to keep the road in an acceptable condition.

    Secondary to the physical condition of

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  7. Magnesium the Multitasker: Epsom Salts & Dead Sea Salt

    Magnesium the Multitasker: Epsom Salts & Dead Sea Salt

    Salts are excellent for softening, hydrating, soothing and reviving tired or dull skin. With the harsh winter weather taking its toll, the natural texture of salt makes it a great exfoliator for elbows, knees and heels. Salts help to remove toxins from the body, re-mineralise skin and soothe the symptoms of dry skin. Some salts are also said to hold anti-aging properties due to their high magnesium content, increasing cell turnover whilst keeping skin looking fresh and feeling supple.

    Different salts have their own unique mineral compositions and thus different health and beauty benefits – so which is the right salt for you?

    Dead Sea Bath Salts

    Dead Sea Salt contains 21 minerals and is rich in magnesium. The Dead Sea has been a place of natural healing since ancient times, with Dead Sea Salt rumoured to have been a favourite of the Egyptian C

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  8. Magnesium: Essential in Animal Feed

    Magnesium: Essential in Animal Feed

    Magnesium (Mg) has a myriad of benefits to animal health. An essential macro-mineral in animals, 65% of the total magnesium is found in the skeleton bound to both Calcium and Phosphorus and necessary for bone growth and stability. The remaining magnesium is found in it’s ionised form MG2+, mainly inside cells.

    In studies, feed supplementation in cows and pigs has been seen to improve the digestibility of feed, increase successful reproduction and a shortening of the service period. In broilers it has been shown to increase weight gain and in laying hens increased egg production.

    Overall, increasing magnesium intake benefits the quality of breeding eggs and improves hatching yield. Magnesium is necessary for t

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  9. Salt uses in Aquaculture

    Salt uses in Aquaculture

    Salt has many applications in the fish industry which can primarily be divided into two categories - Aquaculture and Fish Processing. Aquaculture, also known as aquafarming concerns the cultivation of marine or freshwater organisms including fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatic plants and algae, under controlled conditions. Commercial fishing is the harvesting of wild fish. Fish processing concerns the practices thereafter which prepare them for transportation, storage and consumption, such as pickling and curing.

    In aquaculture, salt is one of the most commonly used drugs and is sometimes referred to as the aspirin of aquaculture. Many forms of salt are used including vacuum salt, rock salt and sea salt in varying grain sizes, sometimes with the inclusion of mineral additives.

    Used properly, salt can serve many purposes in aquaculture such as:

    • Effectively controlling many external parasites including Costia, Epistylis, Trichodina, Chilodonella, and the
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  10. Why is the Sea Green? Algal Blooms: What are they?

    Why is the Sea Green? Algal Blooms: What are they?

    Algal Blooms are an excessive growth of algae and green plants on or near the surface of a body of water. They occur due to an excess of nutrients (particularly phosphorus and nitrogen) either naturally or through oversupply from organic pollution such as fertiliser.

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