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What’s the difference between white and brown de-icing salt?

White (sea) salt is cleaner and has a higher sodium chloride content than brown (rock) salt.  This means that the white salt does not leave any dirty residue that can be taken into buildings and is more effective against ice and frost.

What are high performance de-icers?

Hi-performance de-icers are products that can do one, some or all of the following:

  • Reduce the corrosivity.
  • Reduce the temperature that it works to.
  • Increase the reaction time.
  • Reduce the environmental impact.

They come in liquid or solid format.

How can I reduce the sodium levels in my food?

Peacock Salt spent almost two years working to develop a solution to sodium reduction that can deliver a reduction in the levels of Sodium in food, but with taste and texture unaffected. 

There is no one “one size fits all” solution but each sector and each customer have different requirements and we need to offer individual solutions to individual products.

BRC accredited blending and packing facilities allow us to create and supply products that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Where does Peacock deliver?

Peacock Salt is proud to have customers in every postcode area in the country, we can deliver parcels, pallets and bulk loads throughout the country and further afield when required.

What is water softening salt?

Salt for water softening is high purity sodium chloride. Salt works to regenerate the ion exchange resin in water softening units where the calcium and magnesium in hard water are exchanged for the sodium, resulting in soft water.

It comes either in tablet, block or granular form and can be used in either domestic or commercial water softening equipment. Whilst there are many brand names, all tablets or granular salt are made of the same single ingredient.

What is PDV?

PDV stands for Pure Dried Vacuum salt.  It is made by evaporating purified brine in a vacuum chamber. The brine generally comes from underground rock salt deposits that is then purified and pumped to the surface to be evaporated in a specialised vacuum table. PDV is typically the salt that your chippy will put on your chips. Food grade PDV is widely used in food manufacturing and is incredibly pure at around 99.9% Sodium Chloride.

What is pre-wet road salt and why is it more effective?

Pre-wet salt is road salt that is sprayed with brine before being spread on the road. Wet salt starts working on frost and ice much more quickly and allows for more accurate spreading than dry salt. It also offers significant savings as it can reduce the amount of salt needed by approximately 25%

Does Peacock equipment come with a guarantee?

All Peacock equipment comes with a two-year guarantee, from hand pushed and towed spreaders up to our Hilltip range and our saturators. We can offer this guarantee because we know the quality of the products that we offer.

What different types of salt do Peacock sell?

There are three main categories of Salt.

Rock salt which comes from seas that dried out hundreds of thousands of years ago and has been covered by rocks/mountains. This has to be mined to extract it.

Sea salt which is evaporated from sea water and is then harvested once it is fully crystallised.

Vacuum salt which is made by evaporating brine (generally from underground rock salt deposits) through a series of pressurised chambers. Some chambers might be under vacuum hence the name Vacuum salt.

Salt is a versatile product with over 14,000 different uses, so if you aren’t sure about what you want or need, feel free to give us a call and chat to one of our experts.

Do you have to be a big company to work with Peacock Salt?

Not at all, we work with customers from many different industry sectors and of all different sizes, from small artisan producers to some of the most respected names in the UK.

Do you take small orders from private individuals?

Yes, we gladly accept small orders from private individuals

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