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Hilltip are fast becoming the spreader of choice for the UK's Winter Service Industry. Their innovative equipment for UTV, pickup and tractors help contractors and councils to lower running costs, improve winter resilience and service delivery. Made in Finland, Hilltip know how to deal with the worst of winter conditions. Peacock Salt are the sole importers of Hilltip products to the UK and offer quick delivery, installation, mobile repairs, spares and storage. Our 2-year warranty covers all Hilltip products. To book a free demonstration, call Peacock Salt on 01292 292 000.

Hilltip Icestriker Combi Spreader

The lightweight polyethylene hopper is ideal for treating roads, car parks, footpaths and cycleways. The hopper has an in-built liquid tank which enables three different types of application: salt, pre-wet salt (mixture of brine and salt) and direct liquid application. A manual hose reel, bladder tank and spraybar can be fitted to increase the liquid capabilities of the unit and enable all-season use for fertiliser.

Hilltip IceStriker Combi Spreader

Icestriker Stainless Steel Spreader

380L capacity with optional liquid system. Designed for smaller vehicles such as UTVs.

Hilltip Icestriker Stainless Steel Spreader

Hilltip Spraystriker De-icing Sprayer

With two 12V twin pumps, the Spraystriker has an output of up to 36Lmin providing ample power to treat footways, pathways and other areas in which traditional granular treatment is not desirable. The 2 metre spraybar has 14 nozzles which can extend the spray width to 5 metres. The pumping system and CPU unit is protected inside an easy to reach stainless steel housing and is designed for use with a range of de-icing and agricultural liquids.

Hilltip Spraystriker De-icing Sprayer

Jet-It Mobile Pressure Washer

These versatile mobile pressure washers enable easy washing/spraying of yards, graffiti, gardens, pavements, stairs, roofs, machines, facilities etc. Includes 20m hose reel. Hot water option available.

Hilltip Jet-It Mobile Pressure WasherHilltip Jet-It Mobile Pressure Washer

Snowstriker Snow Ploughs

Hilltip’s Snowstriker range are the first of their kind to be built in Europe. With the Hilltip Quick Hitch system and all-in-one electrical plug, mounting and demounting can be done simply and swiftly. The curved, powder-coated blade is made of high-strength steel making it a light but durable plough. The cutting edges come in polyurethane or high-strength steel and are fitted using trip springs segments in 4, 6 or 8 segments depending on width. This helps protect the plough and vehicle when striking kerbs and objects or on uneven surfaces. All Hilltip ploughs use a common Hilltip in-cab controller which works hand in hand with the Spreader/Sprayer controller. All ploughs come with optional light fittings. Hitch Equipment is supplied specific to the make and model of the vehicle. Peacock Salt provide installation services.

Hilltip SnowStriker Snow Ploughs

Straight Blade

Range from 1650mm – 3000mm designed for UTV, SUV, pickup 3.5t-18t trucks including DIN plates.

Hilltip SnowStriker Straight Blade


Multi-positional plough for more flexibility in ploughing techniques. Range from 1850mm-2400mm designed for UTV, SUV, pickup or light truck or tractor and loaders.

Hilltip V-Plow Plough

SweepAway Push Broom

A simple and effective solution for professional sweeping designed for forklifts, tractors, loaders and excavators. It can handle a variety of materials such as leaves, sand, rocks, debris, snow and slush. Available in Light, Medium and Heavy Duty and in sizes 1500mm-4000mm.

Hilltip SweepAway Push Broom


HTrack enables users to track, trace and report on de-icing activities. Live spreading, spraying or ploughing information is sent to a website which users can communicate to end clients. Any complaints can be challenged quickly and effectively by producing time-stamped spread width, volume and application rate data from historical activities.

Hilltip HTrack

Hilltip Icestriker 1600-2600

12/24v Dual wall hopper spreader in three sizes, designed to carry 1600-2600L of salt/sand and 900L liquid. Choose between two feed mechanism options: auger or belt conveyer drive. The spreader also has GPS speed-control as a standard feature and tracking with HTrack as an option. The machine can also be optionally equipped with a pre-wetting function and  dual spraybar twin pump for increased spraying capability (25ml/m2 at 25km/h). The spreader is the ultimate fit for trucks in 5, 5-7, 5t range.

 Hilltip IceStriker 1600-2600

Hilltip Icestriker 120L & 200L

120 or 200L spreader for pickup tailgate, tractor 3-point or wheel loader. Designed to spread all types of spreading material, bulk bag, sand and gravel. Auger and spinner can be adjusted separately. Operated wirelessly through the next generation control system: Hilltip StrikeSmart control App. Smartphone included, with GPS speed-control as a standard feature and tracking with Hilltip HTrack as an option.

 Hilltip IceStriker 120L & 200L          Hilltip IceStriker 120L & 200L

Hilltip Icestriker 600TR& 800TR

600 or 800L tractor mounted spreader with double-wall construction integrated tanks for 330L liquid. The tractor mounted IceStriker includes GPS speed-control as a standard feature and tracking with Hilltip HTrack can be selectedas an option. The machine can also be equipped with the same pre-wetting function and spraybar as the Icestriker 550-1100 spreaders offer.

 Hilltip IceStriker 600TR & 800TR

In-Cab Controller

The in-cab controller enables drivers to customise the spreading session according to the site and conditions. Using GPS, spreading/spraying rates are adjusted according to the speed of the vehicle or can be manually controlled. It provides easy to use functionality enabling the driver to remain within the vehicle throughout operations:

Spread rate (GPS controlled or manual), spread width, vibrator control, calibration, application type (salt, pre-wet, direct liquid application) and safety lights.

Hilltip Icestriker In-Cab Controller