1. Prepare

Being prepared for cold and icy weather is undoubtedly the best contingency strategy.

Keep up to date and informed with changes in the weather from a trusted authority such as the Met Office
Salt before it begins to freeze for a more effective slip and fall solution. Ice generally forms in the evening as the sun drops, and again in the morning as it rises. In order to ensure maximum effectiveness and protect against slips and falls, it is important to spread salt before ice forms
Liaise with suppliers to ensure that your supply chain is equally ready for winter weather
Use a trusted de-icing product such as Peacock Salt’s white or brown de-icing salt.

2. Look After Your Staff

It is always important to look after the health and safety of your staff. In the winter season, there are extra precautions that should be considered.

Ensure that grit bins are conveniently located and replenished. Check out our range of lockable and stackable bins.
Check your insurance policies to ensure you are covered for all potential winter pitfalls
Awareness is key. Display winter warning signs around your site to notify staff of potential slip risks.

3. Keep up to Date

Stay up to date with your gritting with Peacock Salt’s Gritting Calculator app. The app calculates how much salt is needed for each site, giving you an idea of the requirements for the season ahead whilst identifying how much salt to spread per application. The app will also send alerts to go spreading once the weather has reached a set of personalised parameters.

Available on Apple iOS or Android: download here.


Expect the Unexpected

Overall, the winter season can be unpredictable and changeable. Make sure that yourself and your staff are well equipped to tackle the potential impact that severe weather can bring. Ensure that the right tools – such as grit bins, shovels and de-icing salt - are available at the point of need.

Above all, use a salt and a service that you know you can trust - with over 140 years of expertise, Peacock Salt are the way forward for a Winter Ready business.