The next in our series of blogs on the team at Peacock Salt sees us meet Eilidh McConnell, who is Peacock Salt’s Marketing Manager.

Eilidh’s role

Eilidh describes her role as “The Marketing Team”. Speaking of her career so far “I have been with Peacock Salt for 10 years or almost 11 ‘winters’ in industry speak.” As a national de-icing salt supplier, Winter is of course when the company is at its busiest, so according to Eilidh, the staff “wear winters like our greys and wrinkles, as a badge of honour.”

Eilidh manages all of Peacock Salt’s marketing, branding, traditional and digital media, adverts, website, social media, content creation and more. She reckons that she has “attained a lot of random skills in my time,” as working for an “SME means you grow many extra limbs and digits to do the job of a whole team in a larger company.” Eilidh says that this is “exciting but makes it very difficult to find office attire...”

And if Eilidh wasn’t the Marketing Manager…

If Eilidh wasn’t the Marketing Manager at Peacock Salt, she would do “something creative or teach.” She enjoys photography, design, and painting in her spare time, listing her core skills as “organisation, creativity, and people which helps with such a varied job.” But as she points out, these skills could also be useful in these fields too.

Advice to her younger self

If Eilidh could give some advice to her younger self, it would be to “take every opportunity to develop and know your worth.” Sensibly, she would tell the younger Eilidh to “find time to switch off.”

And her proudest moment?

“This is a difficult question,” she says but she points to “there are a million things I’m proud of.” Over the past decade she says she has “had my blinkers on, juggling, focusing on the next thing,” perhaps though, it is her Chartered Institute of Marketing diploma that she achieved with a distinction in Digital Strategy.

From a salt perspective though, “I’m also proud to now know enough about salt that I can enthusiastically bore people to death at parties and have done so many times over. That might be it.”

Outside work

Eilidh points to her love of music. Apparently, “after many hours spent on the road travelling to events and exhibitions, the director who hired me, referred to me as the ‘Musical Encyclopaedia’!” She says she has “a dry sense of humour and enjoys comedy, documentaries and disaster movies.” 

And finally, she reckons she is in her ‘try anything once’ stage. For a special upcoming family birthday, she plans to try indoor skydiving. Here’s to the next ten years, Eilidh. Maybe put that ‘post-Winter medal ceremony’ in our suggestion box…