Continuing with our Meet the Team series, we chatted with Fraser Ferguson, Food Sales Account Manager at Peacock Salt. He told us about his role, his time at Peacock, and what he enjoys when he’s not in the office!

Fraser’s role

At Peacock Salt Fraser is responsible for all the food salt business, from a sales perspective. Day to day, this means that he manages ongoing sales transactions, deals with customers, and develops fruitful long-term partnerships with new customers. 

Fraser thinks that the Peacock team really succeed at achieving that deeper level of understanding of customers’ businesses. By comprehending their challenges and business needs, Peacock Salt can adapt and solve a problem, which in turn creates more sales!

If Fraser wasn’t at Peacock Salt he’d be… 

Owner of a garden centre, or a market garden! Fraser is a keen gardener and landscaper describing his own lawn at home, “As perfect as a bowling green!”. 

Proudest moment 

Fraser has worked for Peacock Salt for eight years – all of which he says have been very happy years! 

But before this, Fraser worked for British Telecom, and his proudest moment to date was probably winning a competition, in which team members were asked to come up with new ideas for the business. Fraser’s idea was the 5p ring back service – an initiative which still gets used to this day (although it doesn’t cost 5p!). In its first year in use, it made BT over £1m – a staggering sum of money in 1993. 

A piece of advice for Fraser’s younger self

Fraser’s advice would be to tell himself to spend more time at home with his family. In previous roles, he had to work away a lot and missed events that, looking back, he wouldn’t want to miss now. 

Life outside of work

When he’s not busy in the office, Fraser has a number of hobbies that fill up lots of his time – aside from taking care of his own bowling green! 

Fraser’s a keen rugby enthusiast, loves to play pool, and now appreciates every minute spent on holiday with family and friends.