Next, in our series of meet the team, we’re talking numbers as we meet Garry Jamieson, Credit Control Manager at Peacock Salt.

Garry’s role 

Garry has been with Peacock Salt for just over 20 years. His role, as Credit Control Manager, is to “ensure that our customers are paying in a timely manner.” And as if that is not enough to keep him busy, he’s the human embodiment of the term ‘multi-tasker’ as our in-house, informal and often involuntary IT expert, he keeps us online, signed in and up to date. Oh, and he is also the shipping agent for vessels that come into the port of Ayr for Peacock Salt. In short, Garry has made himself so incredibly useful, at times, there is simply not enough to go around!

Garry’s dream career

If Garry was not working at Peacock Salt as its Credit Control Manager, he would love to be a Formula 1 driver – come to think of it, he is almost always the first of the office staff to arrive in the morning…

And advice to his younger self

If Garry had the chance to give his younger self some sound advice, he would tell himself that “hard work pays off.” Well, Garry, there are few who work harder!

His proudest achievement

Garry’s proudest work achievement is quite simple. He says it was when he was promoted to his current role as Credit Control Manager.

And outside work – what are your hobbies, Garry?

Garry points out that he has three daughters, two of whom are young twins “so there is no time for hobbies!” But when he does “eventually get the chance to sit down, I like to watch a good documentary.” Good to chat with you, Garry.