Next up in our Meet the Team series is Robert Poole, one of Peacock Salt’s Customer Service Advisors. Often the first point of contact many of our new customers have with us, it’s an important role that sets the standard for all the customer service that’s to come. Luckily, there’s people like Robert on the job. He told us a little bit more about his day to day… 

Robert’s role

Robert joined Peacock Salt as a seasonal team member before joining us full time and he’s now been with us for 18 months. The role of Customer Service Advisor is a varied one; Robert spends a lot of his days answering questions, dealing with customer enquiries, but he’ll also need to process orders, liaise with carriers, access order information, and for more complex enquiries, liaise with different parts of the business to find the right answers. 

It takes knowledge of our systems and processes as well as the softer people skills to make a success of this role. 

If Robert wasn’t at Peacock Salt… 
Then he would be working in mechanical engineering – specifically as a CAD Engineer. 

Robert describes one of the proudest moments of his career so far, which was teaching himself how to use the Solidworks CAD package to re-design an existing machine before rebuilding that machine from scratch. He said: “It was like a giant Meccano set – who wouldn’t have a ball with that!?”

A piece of advice Robert would give his younger self

Robert’s piece of advice would be to have confidence in your own ability, specifically: 

“I would tell myself that I am far more capable and adaptable than I give myself credit for. Be brave and just go for it!”

Life outside of work

Aside from CAD and ‘giant Meccano’, Robert likes to go walking and binge a good TV show.