At a time when the UK workforce is uncertain whether it should be working from the office or home, businesses need to ensure that they continue their winter maintenance preparations to provide essential health and safety support for every employee at site, even with reduced attendees.
Added to this confusion, it has been a difficult financial year for most sectors and as such, costs are being scrutinised however short-term savings should not override staff safety or infrastructure protection. Many small businesses, schools and workshops annually order a pallet of brown rock salt or white marine salt and spread on paths, roads, around walkways with no real consideration to what the salt is doing to the long term structural safety of its metal infrastructure.
Winter maintenance must continue, and paths/tarmac should be put back to black but consider the effects on your metal pipes, metal stairs, outdoor metal seats, cycle shelters and even smoking shelters.

Having a winter maintenance product that assists the health & safety of your employees and visitors, puts paths and roads back to black, is less harmful to your metal infrastructure and is significantly less costly than high performance de-icers only airports can afford IS a myth right?
‘Procoat’ from Peacock Salt does all of the above AND is designed to reduce the impact upon metal by over 80%. Procoat is white marine de-icing salt harvested from sustainable sources around the Mediterranean Sea. It is mixed with Peacock special multi-metal corrosion inhibitor making it odourless, leaves no messy residue as brown rock salt would and should be used where corrosion is a concern, such as railway platforms or around metal structures.
Procoat is compatible with copper alloy, cadmium, cast iron, steel, aluminium, zinc and solder and is priced competitively with standard de-icing salt, however, provides the massive benefits associated with high performance de-icers. One area of significant growth is in and around railways stations where health and safety is of vital concern as well as the ability to protect the railway network infrastructure long term.
To assist with manual handling, and easy transportation across your sites, Procoat comes in a handy easily carried 15Kg bag. Probrine is a 20% solution liquids de-icing brine which once again reduces the impact on any metal by over 80% and can be easily applied with a backpack sprayer or hand push sprayer. If you require further information please contact Peacock Salt…..