Algal Blooms are an excessive growth of algae and green plants on or near the surface of a body of water. They occur due to an excess of nutrients (particularly phosphorus and nitrogen) either naturally or through oversupply from organic pollution such as fertiliser. This process, leading to algae growth and oxygen depletion is called eutrophication.

Unpredictable and lasting from weeks to months, blooms will remain so long as conditions allow. Optimal conditions being warmth, sunlight and low flow rates.

Essential to the maintenance of an aquatic ecosystem, Algae captures and uses energy from sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to produce organic compounds. However an overgrowth can cause many different issues, creating toxins harmful to people, animals, fish and plants; harming industries that depend on clean water, creating dead zones in the water due to oxygen depletion and raising the treatment costs of drinking water.

If a health notice has been issued or you suspect the presence of an algal bloom it is recommended that both you and your pets avoid contact with the water. Do not allow pets to swim, play or ingest the water or eat any surrounding algae. Some indicators of an algal bloom include water that looks discoloured, smells bad, or has a residual scum on its surface.

Unsurprisingly, one of the industries most vulnerable to the consequences of an Algal Blooms are fisheries, particularly offshore aquaculture. Seamix is a special blend of salts which, when diluted with the correct quantities of tap water, create an artificial seawater free from disease and detritus. Made to a DEFRA approved formula, Seamix creates a simulated seawater environment designed to replicate the surrounding British Seawater environment with a salinity of 3.4%. Among its many applications, Seamix is ideal for use in lobster and crab holding tanks, bi-valve mollusc purification tanks, smolt seawater testing and the holding and treatment of diseased fish. Avialable in 15 & 25kg bags with Free UK Delivery as standard.