We know there’s an art to choosing the best salt to suit your needs – but did you know that the type of spreader you choose also impacts the efficiency of your de-icing operations? At Peacock Salt, we know our spreaders. So much so, we’ve designed and developed our own spreading solutions based on key client feedback. Here’s everything you need to know about salt spreaders before you choose the solution that’s right for you. 

Drop spreaders
Key features: Precise distribution, narrow spread distance, minimal wastage.
Best use: Treatment of narrow areas such as walkways and footpaths. 

Drop spreaders are an ideal salt distribution method if you’re looking to apply granular de-icers with precision and control. Given that they drop salt directly downwards, they’re an ideal solution if you’re looking to precisely cover a narrow stretch, such as a pavement, walkway, or footpath. 

Most drop spreaders will contain an adjustable aperture which allows you to further control the volume and speed of salt dispensed – also allowing for minimal wastage. 

View our drop spreader range here.

Spinner spreaders
Key features: Widespread distance, great for maximum coverage, time efficient for large areas.
Best use: Treatment of wide areas such as driveways, car parks, and playgrounds.

Spinner spreaders are a quick and efficient way to de-ice large areas of ground, making it an ideal solution for those who are looking to minimise time spent on maintenance. 

This type of spreader works by dropping salt from a storage hopper, down onto a spinning disk, which in turn throws the salt out in an even, radial motion. The speed of distribution correlates to the pace at which the user pushes the spreader. This gives you wider coverage, so it’s an ideal solution for larger areas. It takes minimal effort to use and is incredibly time-efficient when used in the right area. 

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Peacock Salt’s Oscillating spreader
Key features: Wider spread distance with the precision of drop spreader, distribution easily controlled by the user.
Best use: Treatment of a variety of areas, can be used for precise distribution and to cover larger areas.

A brand-new concept. The ‘low-cost’ spreader reimagined. Designed, developed and tested by Peacock Salt to address some of the well-known pitfalls of alternative brands, cheap spreaders. Salt spreading at its simplest, the Optio Spreader is hopperless and is consciously designed with fewer parts to maintain. Easy to use using our ‘drop, pop and roll’ concept – just drop a bag of BS3247 certified de-icing salt on, pop the bag using the built-in spike, tether the bag and roll for excellent speed-controlled coverage. The Optio is almost completely built from recycled parts. For those who need a spreader that can adapt to both wide areas and narrow nooks and crannies, an oscillating spreader is an excellent choice. The oscillating ‘scoop’ moves from side to side as the user pushes the device, targeting a precise area but giving wider coverage than a drop spreader. An excellent middle ground between the previous two solutions.

View our oscillating spreader range here.

Benefits of Peacock Salt Spreaders

Purchasing a salt spreader can seem like a sizeable investment, depending on which you choose; and there’s a lot to choose from. Our ethos is based on a promise of quality, longevity, and sustainability. Buy once and buy well. When you purchase a salt spreader from Peacock Salt, you’ll enjoy a two-year warranty for your product. We have the best service team in the business and a bank of, or access to spare parts to maintain your product for the long term – because we’re dedicated to minimising the disposability of equipment in the industry. 

A well-maintained salt spreader can serve you throughout the year and for a range of purposes including agricultural work such as spreading compost, seed, and fertilizer. As well as ample cleaning and maintenance, be sure to purchase a high-quality salt, such as our certified BS3247 Salt. Not only will it make your job easier by preventing clumping, it will also lower the risk of damage to your spreader. 

You can view our full range of spreaders here, or feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.