The next in our series of meeting key members of the Peacock Salt team sees us talking with Claire Russell, who is an accountant at Peacock Salt.

Claire’s role

Claire works within the purchase ledger in Peacock Salt’s accounts department. Her role is to ensure that all transactions are posted correctly in our accounts system. She processes staff expenses and ensures that our suppliers are paid on time. 

She also works with Anne, another key member of our accounts team, to produce the monthly and annual reporting. Claire joined the company immediately after she left school in September 2009, so this year marks her fourteenth anniversary with Peacock Salt.

And if Claire wasn’t working with numbers 

It’s common knowledge in Peacock Salt that Claire loves photography so if she weren’t managing the purchase ledger and assisting with the monthly and annual reporting, she would enjoy being a wedding photographer.

She thinks it would be “great to be around all the excitement of a wedding in your day-to-day job.” Also, she would enjoy “capturing all the special moments for the bride and groom to look back on for years to come.”

What advice would Claire give to her younger self?

This is the question that often poses many challenges in our meet the team series. For Claire, she would tell herself “to be more confident in yourself.”

And speaking of achievements

Claire’s proudest moment in her career to date will be completing all her Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) exams. As she says, “just one more step to go before I can call myself a chartered global management accountant.”

Life outside work

When Claire isn’t producing accounts and managing the purchase ledger, outside work she loves “anything food-related”. As she says, she enjoys “both cooking and eating out”. While eating out is about the experience, Claire takes interest in what other diners are eating – she remarks, “who doesn’t like to know what other people are having for their dinner?” Good to meet you, Claire!