FAQ: What’s the difference between white salt and brown salt?
The most common question we’re asked when it comes to winter gritting and sourcing the correct de-icer for your needs is ‘what is the difference between white de-icing salt and brown rock salt (also known as ‘grit’).

Brown Salt: Brown ‘grit’ salt is sourced from one of three indigenous salt mines in the UK. It is called ‘rock salt’ as it is mined from underground salt deposits. Brown salt goes through minimal processing. Not only is it made up of sodium chloride, but also sand, dirt, grit and other earthy matter. This can be useful in increasing traction on slippy roads as well as de-icing, however the results are messy leaving mud and sludge behind to be trodden into cars and buildings. Buy Brown Salt Here

White Salt: White de-icing salt is a marine salt which means it is harvested by drying salt water. This salt has a higher concentration of salt at around 99.9% sodium chloride and does not contain other insolubles typical of brown salt. Therefore not only do you get more salt, white salt has a greater aesthetic appeal and leaves less mess behind.

Peacock Salt are the largest UK importer of white de-icing salt and a major supplier of local government, contractors, businesses large and small and private individuals with salt and winter equipment. Buy White Salt Here