Lowering the rate of corrosion on metallic and concrete surfaces is one of the greatest challenges faced by anyone involved in winter maintenance. While road surfaces, tarmac and flagstone areas, among others, may be efficiently de-iced by the use of salt on its own, very often there are other areas within the built environment, such as fire escapes, metal walkways, car parks and bridges, for whom the corrosiveness of salt is something that needs to be controlled.

Corrosion is the inevitable result of materials coming into contact with salt. Although the use of salt on motorways and designated roads is a perfectly effective way of de-icing, not all materials are compatible with this process. In effect, some are more susceptible to corrosion than others. This is little to be done to prevent this, it is simply a natural chemical reaction. As a result, over time, structures can weaken, often resulting in expensive repairs, or the even more expensive option of outright replacement. Therefore reducing the rates of corrosion will lengthen the life-span of many structures, thereby reducing costs.  

At Peacock Salt, we offer ‘Procoat’ as the low-corrosion alternative to simply using traditional de-icing salt on non-compatible structures. Procoat is a mix of white marine de-icing salt with a water-based corrosion inhibitor. It was developed using market-leading corrosion inhibition technology. The result of much research and testing led to the development of a corrosion inhibitor which, when compared to other products claiming to be low-corrosive, resulted in a material with a higher corrosion efficiency and a reduced effect upon concrete deterioration. In addition, due to over 80% of components being biodegradable, there is a much reduced environmental impact.

Since its creation, Procoat has amassed a loyal customer base with exceptionally high levels of repeat purchase, and volumes of the product overall continue to grow year on year. This increase can be attributed to, among other things, the strong growth in recognition for a need to treat corrosion-sensitive areas such as railway platforms, concrete car parks and metallic structures, as those involved realise there is an alternative to salt on its own. 

Procoat is available in 15Kg bags (72 per pallet) or in One Tonne Bags.