Shovelling snow from paths , patios and pavements is a time-consuming and labour intensive activity. Common ailments associated with this are strains, pulled muscles and bad backs, which all take a long time to recover from. If only there was something to make this spirit-sapping activity quicker, less painful and more enjoyable…...

The ‘Snoblade’ hand-pushed plough, distributed by Peacock Salt, takes all the features and benefits of a traditional road plough and utilises them in a lightweight, easy to handle piece of snow-clearing equipment. The Snoblade is a light (5.4 Kg), easy and safe to use hand-push snow plough. Like a large scale traditional plough, the angled blade pushes the snow off to one side. The blade is bi-directional, just flip over for and alternative angle and therefore you decide which side the excess snow is deposited on. At 119cm high, there is no need to bend over, and the wheels behind the blade ensure minimal physical effort is required to move large quantities of snow. The blade width is 45cm, making it perfect for paths, and is 5 inches high which means it can be used in the majority of snow-clearing situations.

Recent users of the Snoblade include local authority education departments, as well as commercial operations whose remit includes pathways between buildings and paved areas around supermarkets.

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