Grit bins should be for grit and salt. However, more often than not, lift the lid and what lies beneath is more suited to a rubbish bin than a grit bin. And, of course, not the sort of material to be spread on ice. Or anywhere actually.

Every year, we receive requests from customers for lockable grit bins. Well, now we have them. Peacock Salt can now supply 200Kg and 400Kg capacity grit bins which are both lockable and stackable. So not only can you prevent your grit bin being used as convenient waste facility, you can now stack them all together at the end of the season, thereby keeping them all in the same place and out of harm’s way.

Key features include the ‘GRIT’ logo moulded onto the lid. There are also forklift channels beneath each bin, thereby allowing ease of handing and moving into position. Finally, they are constructed using UV stabilised medium density polyethylene which ensures they will not crack or discolour through being exposed to the elements.

We have enjoyed great success this winter season with these bins, and in fact their lockable nature has created interest from non-winter organisations looking to store materials other than salt and grit safely and securely. So if the features outline above would provide to your storage solutions, please contact me directly for a quote.

Please note: Bins are supplied with locks for attachment.

250kg Stackable and Lockable Grit Bin  

400kg Stackable and Lockable Grit Bin