Himalayan Pink Salt

Peacock Salt are a leading UK supplier of genuine Himalayan Pink Rock Salt. Sourced direct from Pakistan, we stock Himalayan Salt for various application types.

Formed naturally underground from ancient evaporated seas, the spectrum of colours found in Himalayan salt is determined by minerals trapped within the salt. Deposits of iron being largely responsible for the pinkish hue. Aside from sodium, Himalayan salt also contains calcium, potassium and 80 other trace elements.

Gourmet Salt

Himalayan salt can be used as a gourmet alternative to table salt. Why? It tastes good - with a slightly sweeter afternote than its counterparts. There is minimal processing involved – namely excavation and packing. Lastly, the salt is completely natural - formed from water that existed at a time where there was little to no air or sea pollution.

However, besides its usual granular form Himalayan Salt can be used in food production in various ways.

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Himalayan Pink Gourmet Salt

Himalayan Salt Blocks

Blocks of solid Himalayan salt, cut in blocks especially for cooking and curing. The blocks can be heated to extreme temperatures and used as a hot plate – much like hot stone cooking but seasoning your food while it cooks. Alternatively, it can be used as a serving platter or frozen for serving cold desserts such as salted caramel ice cream. These are popular in specialist restaurants, often where the customer is invited to cook their own steaks to their taste, at their table. There are many variations of Himalayan salt products available including salt bowls, glasses, shot glasses, pestle and mortars and cooking kits.

Himalayan Salt Block

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Himalayan Salt Walls

Impressive and imposing, Himalayan salt walls are used in various industries. Used for curing meat, the wall draws the moisture from meat and fish in industrial refrigerators and chills.

Due to the unique beauty of the slabs themselves, Himalayan Salt Walls are often used as impressive visual displays in shops, restaurants and more.

Increasingly, salt walls are also becoming popular in the health and beauty industry, in specialised yoga studios, salt cave therapy breathing rooms and more.

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Himalayan Salt Wall

Himalayan Bath Salts and Scrubs

Himalayan salt is used extensively in the cosmetics and health and beauty industries as a natural exfoliant and additive to bath salts and scrubs. As well as an exfoliating alternative to artificial and harmful microbeads, it’s also popular as a natural remedy for various skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, added to a bath it can provide relief to irritated skin whilst also removing toxins and relieving aching muscles.

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Himalayan Salt Bath Salt

Animal Feed

Prominent in the world of animal health, salt is used in a lump form (lump licks) as a supplement to feed to encourage the ingestion of essential minerals. Used particularly with cattle and horses, dairy and cattle farmers have reported multiple benefits to using Himalayan salt licks including improvement in fertility, milk production and growth.

Available at various animal feed retailers.

Himalayan Salt Animal Lick Cattle Lump