Hard water has a high mineral content and is caused by rainwater running through porous limestone, chalk or gypsum rock where the ‘hard’ elements of calcium and magnesium are picked up by the water. Whereas ‘softer’ water is rainwater that falls on non -porous rock like granite and so does not have the high calcium and magnesium content in it.

Hard water affects a large proportion of homes in the UK and is particularly severe in the South East & East Anglia but affects homes up to the Midlands and beyond. In these areas, residents would undoubtedly benefit from the installation and use of a water softening unit.

Although there is currently no robust evidence that consumption of hard water causes health issues it is undoubtedly a nuisance and can wreak havoc on skin and hair condition by stripping it of natural oils and moisture. Consumed as drinking water, it can taste gritty and unpleasant as opposed to soft water which has a silky texture. Hard water can also have a whole host of negative repercussions from the build-up of ‘limescale’ on water systems , affecting the lifespan and function of central heating, boilers, kettles, ice machines, washing machines, dishwashers and damaging taps, shower systems and plumbing.

Most domestic water softeners use tablet salt, which are generally the size of a large coin and typically round or pillow shaped. Some more modern water softeners now use block salt which are usually brick-like in shape and appearance. Industrial grade water softeners may require granular salt and larger factory sites PDV salt delivered in a bulk tanker.

So besides the obvious, what are the key benefits to installing a water softening system in your home?

  • Prolongs the lifespan of appliances
  • Saves money on detergents and cleaners (for treatment and prevention of limescale)
  • A more efficient boiler with softened water means a greener home as less energy is spent in heating the home.
  • Reduces cleaning time around the house by preventing build of limescale
  • Improves dry skin conditions such as Eczema
  • Helps prevent clothes from fading in the wash
  • Improved taste and texture of drinking water

Types of Water Softener Salts

We offer a complete range of Water Softener Salt products including square and round tablets, beaded and crystalline granular and block salt. Products are available in sizes ranging from 10kg bags granular & tablets to packed block salt to bulk-tankered PDV and Granular Salt with discount for higher quantities.

All our Water Softener Salts comply with the internationally recognised BS EN973:2009 standard for chemicals used in the treatment of water for human consumption.

All high purity products including Hydrosoft, Aquasol and Harvey’s. Other products available, please ask.

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