Next up in our ‘Meet the Team’ series, we’re putting on our thermals and heading over to the Winter side of the office to meet Mike Cassidy, Commercial Manager of Bulk Winter Salt at Peacock Salt.

Describe your role, Mike

As Commercial Manager for Bulk Salt, Mike serves key Winter customers across the UK many of whom keep our transport network ticking over in Winter; Whether it be filling strategic salt stores, or getting the grit in council and commercial spreaders – if you need salt by the tonne, Mike’s ‘The One’. He says, “I look after the bulk white and brown salt customers across the UK as well as customers requiring high performance liquid and granular de-icers.”

Mike has been with Peacock Salt for six years – or as many Peacock Salt employees describe their length of service, six winters. Mike remarks that he has “completed six winters and is looking forward to my seventh.”

Mike’s dream career

While we recognise that Mike’s dream career is obviously his role as Commercial Manager at Peacock Salt, he says that if he weren’t at the company, he would pursue his passion of motorcycles. He loves “motorcycles so would have a mixed dealership of bikes I could work with and sell.”

And advice to his younger self

When Mike is asked what advice he would give his younger self career-wise, Mike would “want to have joined Peacock Salt earlier in my career as it is a great family company, has wonderful colleagues, and has the very best customers.” Thanks, Mike!

Mike’s proudest achievement

Across Mike’s career, he says his proudest moments are getting great feedback from customers or as he describes it, “receiving positive feedback from my customers about our service, our products, and the support we’ve offered.” 

And outside work

If we weren’t chatting to Mike about work, we would surely be talking about motorcycles. While some might see salt and motorcycles as an odd combination, as Mike says, “they can live together if you protect your motorcycle in advance of winter!” Happy motorcycling, Mike!