Welcome to the second in our new series of blogposts where we get to meet key members of the Peacock Salt team. This edition sees us meeting Natalie McKeen who is the Customer Service Supervisor at Peacock Salt.

My role
Natalie’s role ensures that the company has staff trained and ready to always assist our customers, right from the initial enquiry through to delivery and all the steps in between. 
She says, “our team should be able to assist with any questions that crop up.” Peacock Salt has a dedicated team to process orders and assist with enquiries. Aside from the day-to-day customer service, Natalie is focused on a “constant mission to improve the services we provide” and that ranges from system development, staff training, reviewing internal processes or any other improvements.
Natalie describes the team’s “end goal as to support our staff in a way that ensures they can provide the best possible service to our customers every time.”

My background 
Natalie started at Peacock Salt nine years ago exactly – October 2014. She initially started in a temporary Sales and Marketing support role. As a result of her performance, “I was then offered a permanent role in the customer service team.” The team comprised only two people at that time with another two managing orders. 
She was then promoted to her current customer service supervisor role in 2019. Natalie has found that the company’s growth over the past nine years has been exciting to be part of, so much so that “I have never been bored as we are constantly evolving which means that every day brings something new.”

Dream career
If Natalie wasn’t working at Peacock Salt and helping our customers, she would be doing “something to do with dogs, a dog walker, own a boarding kennel, or a dog trainer.” She really enjoys the company of dogs as “they bring me joy.”

Advice to my younger self 
If Natalie were going to give any advice to her younger self, she would tell herself that “you don’t have to have it figured out, and you don’t have to pick one career path and stick to it”. Above all, it’s important to “do what makes you happy, work hard and opportunities will come to you.” But says that she “shouldn’t be scared to explore them.”

Proudest moment
It sounds like Natalie took her own advice. She initially qualified as a childcare practitioner at 20-years-old and then “used this qualification to fund my travels around the world.” She worked in France, Portugal and Australia and explored many more countries along the way. 
She says that she is “so proud for being brave enough to take that first job in France and move to another country alone.”

Beyond Salt    
As if her achievements so far weren’t enough, Natalie is currently renovating her first home. She warns that “almost all of my conversations outside of work include something about paint colours, carpets or the bathroom layout.” Despite this project, she is still making the time to relax and travel. Next month sees her take a city trip to Berlin.  
Good to meet you Natalie and enjoy your break in Germany!