Welcome to the first in our new series of blog posts where we get to meet key members of the Peacock Salt team, starting with Paddy Hastie, our Director of Sales and Marketing.

Paddy started his current role in March 2023. He has been at the company for almost seven years. Before this, Paddy was our Winter Equipment Manager. He has a BA (Hons.) degree in Business Studies from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Ambition to grow

Paddy now looks after the Peacock Salt sales and marketing team who manage the company’s customer relationships. The most interesting aspect of his new role is “discovering the new and interesting ways to use our salt,” and “learning more about the various applications we get involved in.”

Growing sales and the customer base further is key. As Paddy remarked, “we’re always eager to grow and strengthen.” He gets a buzz from how ambitious the company is: “I love the ambition of the company and it’s definitely one of the more exciting things about the job.”

Dream career

Paddy once sold Christmas trees in a supermarket car park, thoroughly enjoying the experience. While he clearly enjoys his current role, his dream job would be to “grow and sell my own Christmas trees.” If he could do this, “I would be made up.” Paddy reckons that he “cannot imagine anything out there that would beat it” in terms of enjoyment.

Tell my young self

As far as advice to his younger self, Paddy would tell himself to “take the serious things seriously and enjoy the rest” – sensible advice for anyone to focus on their career yet enjoy life.

Proudest moment

Paddy’s proudest moment is unusual. More an approach to his life and career, it isn’t a single achievement. As he has said, “I’m just really proud that I’ve never been afraid to get out my comfort zone and do what’s needed.” A perfect example would be when he spoke at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall to 3,000 people.; another is when he sold £5 insurance policies from a stall. He has worked offshore, on ship builds, in power stations, and even helped built a section of the Queensferry crossing. 

Enjoying getting out of his comfort zone, he refuses to waste a second and has “often felt fortunate for the positions I’ve found myself in.”


And outside work? Paddy used to play basketball and he tries to watch the football every few weeks. And then a hobby that’s not widely known to his colleagues: “no-one really knows this, but I absolutely love maps.” This interest dates to when his dad “used to take us on hikes and walks when I was younger.” 

Back then, he never appreciated the maps. Now, he always likes “to get my bearings wherever I go or find new way to get there. My kids cringe at sneaky Daddy shortcuts!” We’re sure you’ve already got your bearings in your new role, Paddy.