Ten years after its creation, Seamix artificial seawater mix is fast becoming a modern runaway success of the UK and Ireland aquaculture industry. The DEFRA approved formula mix produced by UK salt giants Peacock Salt has seen sales rocket by 40% over the last five years with a retained customer base of over 90%.

So why is Seamix now making waves in the UK aquaculture industry?

Sales manager Peter says “The massive costs involved in transporting liquids have made producing and maintaining shellfish stock off limits to inland producers. A mix of chemicals naturally found in seawater, Seamix allows you to create your own seawater in vast quantities by simply adding everyday tap water.”

With a rise in water-borne disease paired with natural phenomena such as algal blooms, Seamix also offers peace of mind to producers who simply can’t afford to lose vast quantities of stock. Another benefit of producing your own clean seawater on demand, free from parasites and bacteria.

It seems the proof is in the pudding. Over the last five years bagged sales have increased by nearly 40% and the number of customers by 45%, with the majority of enquiries borne of recommendations and referrals from current users.

This, paired with invaluable customer feedback led to an campaign drive in 2015 to spread awareness of this revolutionary product.

Results have shown that customer profiles have not changed. Prior to the campaign, customers were aquaculture practitioners, fishmongers and restaurants with live shellfish, and academic and industrial research departments. In the 18 months since the campaign began, we have experienced growth across all these areas, indicating that Seamix still retains widespread appeal.

So what is Seamix?

Seamix is a granular material which, when added to tap water, creates artificial seawater. It is based on a DEFRA formula which stipulates the constituent salts required and their relative quantities to replicate a marine environment. Key points to note are –

- It is popular in lobster and crab holding tanks, oyster production, bi-valve mollusc purification tanks and where natural seawater is in short supply

- The seawater created is clean, healthy and free from contamination

- Where premises are far from sources of natural seawater, Seamix is more cost-effective and practical than transporting liquid over long distances.

- The 25Kg and 15Kg bag sizes make for ease of handling and easy storage

- To create an ocean environment of 3.5% salinity, mix 3.5Kg of Seamix per 100 litres of water