Peacock Salt are in the unique position to be able to supply products for a range of animal nutrition and care needs. Among our valued customers we count aquaculture, fisheries, sealife, zoos, animal parks, research centres, sanctuaries and more.

Seamix, Artificial Seawater Mix
Seamix is a granular product which, when added to tap water, creates artificial seawater. It is based on a tried and tested formula which artificially replicates a marine environment.
With a rise in water-borne disease paired with natural phenomena such as algal blooms, Seamix also offers peace of mind to producers who simply can’t afford to lose vast quantities of stock. Another benefit of producing your own clean seawater on demand, free from parasites and bacteria.

Key points to note are –

  • It is popular in lobster and crab holding tanks, oyster production, bi-valve mollusc purification tanks and where natural seawater is in short supply
  • The seawater created is clean, healthy and free from contamination
  • Where premises are far from sources of natural seawater, Seamix is more cost-effective and practical than transporting liquid over long distances.
  • The 25Kg and 15Kg bag sizes make for ease of handling and easy storage
  • To create an ocean environment of 3.5% salinity, mix 3.5Kg of Seamix per 100 litres of water.

Sodium Chloride Sea Salts and Vacuum Salts
Staple salts in any industry, Sea Salt and Vacuum Salts are used by many zoos and safari parks in penguin and sea lion enclosures.

Himalayan Lump Licks
Prominent in the world of animal health, salt is used in a lump form (lump licks) as a supplement to feed to encourage the ingestion of essential minerals. Used particularly with cattle and horses, dairy and cattle farmers have reported multiple benefits to using Himalayan salt licks including improvement in fertility, milk production and growth.
Formed naturally underground from ancient evaporated seas, the spectrum of colours found in Himalayan salt is determined by minerals trapped within the salt. Deposits of iron being largely responsible for the pinkish hue. Aside from sodium, Himalayan salt also contains calcium, potassium and 80 other trace elements.
Almost all animals require salt in their diet and the need for it is instinctual - Himalayan Salt Lump Licks allow animals to regulate their salt intake.

Some benefits of of Himalayan Salt Lump Licks:

  • To regulate body temperature/water
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Disease resistance
  • Reduces anxious and stressful behaviours
  • Helps animals develop shiny and healthy coats
  • Helps harden the hooves of animals
  • Restores salt lost via sweating in hot climates
  • Increases the threshold at which animals sweat with exercise
  • Reduces drowsiness
  • Increases feed intake
  • Increases animal weight
  • Increases efficiency and productivity

Animal PDV
A feed grade, high purity, pure dried vacuum salt our Animal PDV is a FEMAS accredited product. Suitable for the.production of quality animal feed
Available in 25kg bags and Bulk Loads.
If you have any queries regarding products for animal consumption, please contact us and our experts can advise.