Calcium Chloride is classified as a salt. It is non toxic and hygrospcopic, meaning it can absorb moisture from the air or road. It is deliquescent, meaning it can dissolved into the moisture it absorbs forming a clear liquid that does not evaporate easily. It is also exothermic meaning it releases heat as it dissolves which also makes it an excellent de-icer.

Dust control is an essential part of road maintenance. The presence of dust can indicate a deterioration in the condition of the road surface and once the fine dust is lost the load-bearing aggregate will follow. The loss of fine material and aggregate results in ruts, potholes and washboards requiring frequent and costly repairs to keep the road in an acceptable condition.

Secondary to the physical condition of the road surface, the presence of dust can impair driver visibility and increase the instance of loose gravel causing vehicle damage such as cracked windshields, chipped paint and broken headlights.

Large amounts of dust can also affect local residents by drifting into their living environment and reducing quality of life and increasing the chances of developing respiratory health problems.

dust suppression calcium chloride

Calcium Chloride in Dust Control

By attracting moisture from the air, calcium chloride works by keeping the road damp under hot and dry conditions. This film of moisture forces cohesion and binds aggregate particles together, resulting in a hard and compact road surface

The residual benefits of this process accumulate with consistent application as the calcium chloride becomes established deeper in the road base and with that, stability improves and frost damage is prevented.

There are three forms of calcium chloride: Flake, Pellet or Liquid making methods of application widely varied by spreader or sprayer either applied to a lightly moist road surface in its dry form, or ready mixed with water to create a brine solution.


Peacock Salt supply calcium chloride in flake, prill and liquor form in various sizes and volumes from 25kg bags and IBC’s to bulk tankers. Contact us for more information or advice on your requirements.